I love the smell of books. Did you know that’s a thing? It’s a scientific thing – the way that the paper, ink and adhesive break down creates a pleasant smell. Source here and here. (Yes, I realize I gave you scientific links to the reasons why books smell good – remember that whole nerd thing? I wasn’t kidding.)

Anyway, I went to a half-price bookstore yesterday with a friend to get ONE book. I even tried to set myself a spending limit. That’s laughable. I did get the one book I went in for, plus 5 others, and thank you cards. (Also, can I just say how much I love the fact that I have friends who will wander book stores with me for an hour?) How does one say no to clearance books? Seriously? Yes I do want an interior design book, an autobiography of a girl who lived under Saddam’s rule and a Joseph Campbell book about the universe for 2 dollars a piece. Yes. I want them. My entire haul was 30 dollars. That’s a steal.

Do I have much time to read? Not really. Shoudl I make more time? Yes. Kelli and I have made plans to go back to the store in a few months to sell some of our old books and replenish. I hope to have a few read by then.

I love to read.



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