Exhaustion, laughter, and love

Friday was a rough day for me. I was running on approximately 3 hours of restless sleep. I felt such terrible guilt for the state of my home and the well-being of the pets I am responsible for. I was hot. I was just an emotional wreck, a ball of tears and snot and worry and fear, all of which were exacerbated by the fact that, of course, I did not sleep. Throw in panic about completing my final paper for class due the next day and missing out on camping with literally 90% of the people I love, and I was not a happy lady.

The news from the emergency AC guys was not good. Replace the whole thing they said. Of course they did. I couldn’t even describe to you the emotional state I was in. Thankfully I have a father who can talk reason to me and a sponsor who gives me simple directions when I can’t comprehend much more.

In my stupor, I went to the home improvement store, picked out a window AC unit, went to pay and didn’t have my wallet. Went back home, got my wallet, went back to the store, picked a smaller AC unit, took it home, boyfriend installed it before he went camping. Huge W in the win column for him! My cats were no longer in jeopardy of being exposed to extreme heat. That was my main concern. He’s a real winner folks.

End result of the AC saga? It continues. My warranty company came on Saturday, in the afternoon, after additional ah…mis-communications at the company. Turns out there is a lot to be fixed, but all the parts and labor are covered under my warranty. A total of 80.25 for them to replace the compressor, the motor and the cabling, and I didn’t have to pay Saturday. I could’ve kissed him!

I packed my things, set the cats up for success, raced out to the campsite, and had an amazing rest of the weekend. I laughed so hard with my friends about the dumbest things, heard a good message or two, sat under the stars with my boyfriend where we had our second date, and just enjoyed myself. It was wonderful.

Here’s a few conclusions I’ve come to after the weekend:

  1. I will never, ever take central air-conditioning for granted ever again
  2. Sleep is a requirement for me to behave and react in a rational, sane manner
  3. I have some of the best friends and family in the world
  4. I do not do well in the heat
  5. Whenever I become a mother of actual children, I will have to work very hard at letting them get bumps and bruises without hovering. I refuse to be a helicopter mom, but I can see now how easy it would be, and I just have cats
  6. The Universe is working in my favor, not against me
  7. I have a disease of perception
  8. I am grateful to live in the solution today

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