Little lives

It’s true, home ownership is a challenge. Trying to make light of an uncomfortable situation is a way for me to try to get through the heat.

My cats can’t.

It was 84 degrees in the house when I got home at 9:45. I can’t imagine how hot it was in the afternoon, but both cats were sick as a result. I didn’t know cats could get heat stroke or that they’d get physically ill from being over heated, however I don’t know why it wouldn’t have occurred to me. I failed them.

Cue guilt-ridden cat-mom behavior. Lots of crying, ice cold water everywhere, more sobbing, looking up late night vet clinics, calling for advice, researching on the internet, and finally fell into an exhausted light slumber around 2, only to jolt awake at 5:30 certain Nico had died in my room. She didn’t.

I called the warranty company and requested that my service appointment be upgraded to an emergency, that little lives were at stake. Those little lives depend on me to make sure they’re safe, and I let them down yesterday. It won’t happen again.

I’ll find a brick and mortar location for this warranty company and break their door down if I have to. Or pay a premium to have another service company come out today.

I will have air.


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