Home Owner-SH!T

Ok, so here’s the deal. I bought a house! Yay! At 30, I finally decided to take the leap. It’s an adorable little place near work and the interstate. It’s got great colors and floors, good decor and just enough space for me. New carpet, new sinks, finshed basement, great patio, the works.

I moved in December 17th, and since then…

The refrigerator continues to leak (but it’s inside, so the warranty won’t cover it)

The kitchen sink and upstairs toilet backed up in the same week

The basement flooded

Now the air conditioner is out.

Where I live it’s getting to be about 80 degrees at the highest point of the day, and I don’t get much shade until after 4. While I know that I am lucky this didn’t happen in July where temps skyrocket into the upper 90s on a pretty consistent basis, it’d still be safe to say I’m less than thrilled.

“That’s the joy of homeownership” says every snarky person ever.

Could we spread it out please? Like, if I could have one season without a major malfunction, that’d be sweet.

As it stands, so far the answer to that is no, I can’t.

Cheers to 80 degrees indoors! I see pony tails, sweat bands and excessive nudity in my immediate future.


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