Happy Writing Every Day Month!

Clearly that’s going well, as it is June 2nd. Welcome to my life.

This post will be for yesterday. I’ll do another for today later. I have no idea what I’ll write every day, or if I’ll even make it every day from here on out. I’m going to give it a shot though.

Probably not many nuggets of wisdom, just snippets from my life. Good or bad, right or wrong, what I can promise is that it will be as real as it gets.

Brace yourselves, the nerd talk is coming. Along with topics like…I dunno…daily struggles, relationships, living sober, home ownership, DIY attempts and successes (and failures), crazy cat antics, working out, body image, new foods, fashion woes, tales of embarrassment, ad infinitum.

I’m very random and I have things that go through my brain that just have to come out. Some are funny, some are not. In trying to be funny all the time, I lose my sense of self. In trying to be deep and spiritual and move mountains all the time, I end up with the same problem. So, it’s just going to be all of it.


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